Synchronous Communication – Moodle Chat and Skype.

In the last module, two types of synchronous communication was examined.  The first was Moodle Chat:

Moodle Chat within the course –

How to create a chat room in Moodle –

And Skype:

50 awesome ways to use Skype in the classroom (some of the material is not necessarily applicable to a college setting, but the article does make you think outside the box):

Educator’s guide to Skype:

Either Skype of Moodle Chat can be useful in the online learning environment.  In some of the links above, the various ways the tools can be utilized is discussed.  Imagine having “office hours” online…or having the students work together on a project.  Sometimes synchronous communication is needed to alleviate issues or clarify assignments.  Tools such as moodle chat and skype can serve their purpose in such cases.

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